Surprising Video Advantages (And how to profit from it)

When you think of online content, videos are the first thing that comes to mind, right? Videos are an essential aspect of people’s daily lives, from basic tutorials on how to fix computer problems to children’s entertainment, online classes, and corporate meetings.

Do you enjoy cooking? You can find the best recipes and ingredients, learn new dishes, and share what you do in your kitchen. How about learning a new language? You can begin an online course or learn tips that will help you enrich your vocabulary daily.

From TV To The Internet

Before the internet was used for everything and by everyone, broadcast television was our primary source of news and audiovisual content (yes, I exclude cinema because it is sporadic and not an everyday activity).

We used to be simple receivers of content, sitting in front of the TV completely open to what was presented to us. There was no real-time feedback, freedom to watch what you like anytime you want, or was the average person able to create their own content.

From TV To The Internet

This behavior has shifted as the internet became more accessible. Today, anyone can create video content and post it online if they have a recording device and access to the internet

The power of content has been decentralized from major broadcast conglomerates and placed in the hands of everyone, enabling new ways of interacting with people and brands. And the benefits are numerous.

Why video content became standard

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” they say. We say, “a video is worth a thousand pictures.” And the reason for this is that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when they read plain text (Insivia)

Build your online Authority

Whether you are a digital influencer, a team leader, or a business owner, using high-quality videos is critical to establishing authority with your audience.

Having a face to represent a person or a brand will make people more receptive to your video content and get a better idea about your brand or product.

More audience Interactions

Every day, when you use Instagram, you get a lot of recommendations on videos, reels and new accounts for you to follow. And it is not random as some users may think.

Each social network has its own set of rules and data to understand the user’s behavior and recommend relevant content based on their interests. This is what we call an algorithm.

According to Twitter, Tweets with video attracted 10x more engagements than Tweets without video. This is why it’s so important to produce relevant videos for your audience.

More audience Interactions

Increase Traffic

In terms of traffic, videos draw more attention, increasing click-through rates and audience retention.

As evidence, 86% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool and 88% of them are satisfied with the ROI (return on investment) of their video marketing efforts on social media.

Enhance Your Portfolio

Creating a video portfolio can make your clients have a great first impression about your work. And it’s way more interesting than a simple resume.

Furthermore you can also update your content whenever you need it.


It is possible to create video reviews for movies, television shows, and/or products. Many people rely heavily on online reviews when making purchasing decisions. If you create good content, you will undoubtedly increase your audience’s trust in you.

Presente Your Company with Style

It is common for businesses to have a menu on their website that provides some information about their trajectory, vision, mission, and differentiators. Imagine If the CEO presents this information in a dynamic, quick, and pleasant manner. Doesn’t that sound better?


Tutorials are an excellent way to SHOW how to use a product or platform and make your website or social media stand out.

Interesting Video Marketing Statistics

● 84% of people own mobile phones today (BankMyCell)

● Studies show that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support (HubSpot)

● A survey shows that eight out of ten users have purchased a piece of software or app after having watched the brand’s video (Wyzowl, 2018).

● People watch an average of 19 hours of online video per week. (This is an increase of 1 hour per week compared to 12 months ago and a staggering 8.5-hour increase per week across the past 4 years.) (Wyzowl)

● More than 75% of all videos are played on mobile devices (eMarketer)


Profiting From Video Content

Regardless of the circumstances, consumers want to get the best deal possible.

Shoppers use videos to help them make purchasing decisions. And here we have two possibilities:

1: Before making a purchase, whether online or in-store, the consumer looks for online reviews.

2: The consumer is already in the store and watches a video about the product to help him or her decide whether or not to buy  it.


DRIVING Your Own Platform

Imagine being able to host your content, collect monthly payments from your audience, and keep track of everything with a single, simple platform.

With an OTT solution you can own, manage and sell your own content as you like.

Of course, we make it simple for you.

Create the Future

I think the last minutes were enough to convince you that videos are the future of online content, and it’s up to you to be part of this great and profitable revolution.