Why Offering Free Trials IS GOOD For Your Business free trial

Free trials are frequently associated with online services like software, online courses, and exclusive content. However, the concept of “trying before you buy” was commonplace long before the internet’s popularity.

You’ve probably tried a new product that offered a tasting at the supermarket, or you’ve tried on an outfit in the store to see if it fits before purchasing it.

These “free trials” we find in our daily lives allow us to get a feel for the quality of the product we want and check if it meets our needs before we pay for it.

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Today, we will discuss this strategy for online content businesses and how it can help you generate more customers and streamline your sales process.

What is a Free Trial?

It is a business strategy that allows a potential customer to try out a product or service before buying it.

When it comes to online services or products, a free trial allows the user to access the service or product for free, for a limited time or capacity. However, there are two models within this concept.

  1. When you offer a product or service for a limited time, you do not limit the features the user can access, allowing them to enjoy the tools to their full potential. The goal here is to show the user the maximum quality of your product and how it can benefit him, but only for a limited time, to persuade them to get the paid version if they want to keep access.

  2. The Limited-Capability model is one in which you offer certain features to the user but do not specify a time frame. The goal of this model is to entice the user’s interest in upgrading and paying for a service that provides the features they require but cannot find in the free trial.

Do an analysis of your business to decide which of these models best fits your strategy. But, regardless of your choice, the free trial is a strategy with several benefits. Let’s take a look at the main ones.

1. More Leads

The first benefit of a free trial is increasing your lead base. Basically, you attract more people to your business because what you offer is a win-win for both. The user does not need to pay anything to access the features, but it is important that they leave their email and join your marketing funnel.

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In other words, even if the user does not become your customer at the end of the free trial, you still have their email, giving you the opportunity to send newsletters, updates and even discount coupons if applicable.

2. Feedback

The more people use your product, the more feedback you can get. When a user tries your product, if they encounter any problems or difficulties they will probably contact your support team for help.

This allows you to gather information about what to improve in your product and even create an FAQ based on the feedback you receive.

3. Makes it Easier to Convince Users to Buy

To demonstrate this point, I’ll create two scenarios and let you decide which one sounds more appealing.

Let’s say I want to sell you a car right now, without you seeing it. You don’t know what color it is, what model it is, or if it works properly. You would probably decline my offer and look elsewhere, right?

Makes it Easier to Convince Users to Buy

But in another scenario, let’s say I have the exact car you want to buy. So I show you the inside of the car, you check the paintwork, and its engine runs smoothly. In addition, I let you keep it for a week without any commitment, so you can use it in your day-to-day, drive to work and see if it looks good in your garage.

I bet you would now be much more willing to buy this car.

The same is true when you offer a free trial for your product or service. The user already needs a solution – that’s why they found your company – and they have the opportunity to test whether the features and benefits you offer are in line with their needs before investing money in it.

4. Straight To The Point

It makes no difference how fantastic your product or service is if you don’t prove it. Showing and proving something is always more effective than simply stating it. The purpose of the free trial is to demonstrate to the user that what you say about your product or service is true.

You can create articles, advertisements, Instagram posts, and videos, but the experience of getting to know your product in a practical way will always be more effective because it is a direct contact between the product and the user.

+ Bonus - Great Product, Great Sales

Following the logic of the previous topic, a high-quality product or service sells itself with the free trial strategy.

It’s as if your product does all of the work to convince the user to become a customer.

free trial strategy.

So, regardless of the strategy, remember that a good and updated product is the most effective marketing there is.

And what about you? What is your product? Have you used the free trial strategy before, or will you start now? Please let us know in the comments, and feel free to take advantage of our 7-day free trial.

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