The Best Features For Live Streaming – FanHero Digital Platform

The video content era has arrived, and many content creators are using this medium to connect with their audience. Imagine how interesting live streams can be to your business, once recorded videos already produce excellent results.

Making live content has captured the attention of users, and an increasing number of fans want to get closer to their idols and consume their content.

Unlike recorded videos, where you can structure a script, record the content, correct and edit, everything is more natural and spontaneous during a live performance. People love live content, whether it’s an auction broadcast, a music concert, a League of Legends championship, or the Super Bowl finals, and audience feedback is immediate through chat or comments.

FanHero Live tools

However, going live entails more than simply turning on the camera and starting to stream. You must keep in mind that the quality of content and transmission are critical success factors.

Imagine your best content, something really relevant to your audience. If the broadcast quality is bad and full of interruptions, you are not reaching your full potential. Users will not tolerate more than 90 seconds of a bad stream, and this is where tools and features that ensure your content is delivered in the best possible way come in handy.

Today, I’m going to share the best features for creating a high-quality live stream that will leave your audience wanting more.

In another article, I discussed the top 4 video platforms. Today, my goal is to demonstrate FanHero’s features and why they are the best for a high-quality live stream.

FH Studio

FanHero provides a space for you to manage your content before going live. You can customize your own channel and schedule live streams with FH Studio, allowing you to immerse your audience in your own world.

Digital Platform


You can stream your lives directly to other platforms using ours. You have the option of streaming to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

FanHero allows you to broadcast to major market platforms from our own, ensuring greater quality and stability in your lives.

Video Community

Creating a community is a high-value, game-changing business strategy. Interacting with users, posting photos and quizzes, and creating a strong bond behind the scenes turns followers into true fans.

Virtual Events

This feature has the potential to make a small event into a large one. For example, a special class hosted by an educational organization where a highly relevant speaker can address thousands of people without being limited by the physical space of a traditional auditorium.

Online Learning

Consider a paid lecture that, instead of 200, 300, or even 500 viewers, can reach an unlimited number of people, which is great for the company’s revenue and impacts the lives of an increasing number of students.

TVOD - Pay-Per-View

It’s true that when it comes to live streaming content, quality is everything. However, it is critical that you, as a content creator, be compensated for your efforts.

Our platform provides monetization via TVOD (transactional video on demand), also known as pay-per-view, to assist you in this process and increase your revenue.

This model allows you to create and sell tickets for an exclusive event, generating a spike in revenue for your company.

Among the monetization models, when it comes to VOD (SVOD, AVOD and TVOD) this one has the most potential to make money in a single day.

The Best For You

I could go on and on about how amazing our features and tools are, how they can transform the way you do live streams and that the quality is unquestionable. It really is on another level.


But, rather than writing a text of countless pages explaining every detail, I believe you should try our platform and see for yourself that I am serious when I say that FanHero is the best option for you.

Begin your 7-day free trial and start streaming and monetizing your content. Yes, you can start earning money even during the trial period.

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