YouTube Creators: We’ll See You at VidCon 2017!

Five days of events, content creator meet & greets, presentations, and more! This special event is meant to bring fans, content creators, and industry professionals together under one roof in the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.

Year after year, VidCon draws tens of thousands of fans, creators, and industry leaders together “to celebrate the power of online video.” 2017 will be no exception.

We at FanHero are planning our own expedition to the Anaheim Convention Center for the event and we hope to see you there!

Wy should you attend? 

Content creators should attend the show for a number of reasons:

It’s a chance for you to interact with thousands of fans and enthusiasts. This alone is worth a trip to California and the cost of admission to the event for many YouTube creators.

You can catch some great seminars/presentations from the biggest names on YouTube. This is a great chance to learn tips and tricks from the biggest, most successful creators on YouTube, as well as some industry luminaries.

VidCon is an experience that not everyone gets the chance to attend. At the time of this writing, the “creator” tickets are already sold out. Fan tickets and industry pro tickets are still available, but who knows for how long?

Finally, we’ll be there to interact with fans and YouTube creators to show off how white label apps can be used to empower a bevy of new monetization strategies—a must in the face of the YouTube “Adpocalypse.”

FanHero supports YouTubers 

FanHero is attending VidCon as a part of the company’s ongoing efforts to help YouTubers find alternatives to relying on the increasingly shaky dependence on YouTube ad revenue. With major advertisers continuing to boycott YouTube and Google, content creators need new revenue channels that they can rely on.

FanHero helps content creators on YouTube by giving them their own personalized mobile app, complete with data collection, pay-per-view & subscription support, fan moderation, and online shop integrations that exponentially expand their monetization options. A dedicated growth team also helps YouTube stars get the most out of their mobile app and grow their fanbase to new levels.

If you make it to the Anaheim Convention Center between June 21 and June 24, be sure to stop by booth #1332 and check out FanHero—we’d love to talk to you!

Why YouTube Content Creators Need Their Own Custom Mobile App?

YouTube has become a giant of internet-based video content over the last decade, thriving where competitors such as Blip have failed. The platform has become a crucial media channel for numerous internet celebrities—some of whom have become heroes to a generation of viewers by sharing their video content creations there.

The challenges in building a brand and monetizing on YouTube 

While YouTube gives content creators a great platform for attracting fans and sharing videos, many content creators are left wondering if there’s more that can be done to engage with fans and turn their YouTube stardom into a livable income.

A few of the challenges that content creators on YouTube face include:

Reliance On Ad Revenue

Ad revenue is a major source of income for many YouTube content creators. While each ad play is mere pennies (or fractions thereof), those pennies can really add up for channels with larger fan bases. However, ad revenue isn’t always reliable on YouTube.

Consider, for example, the recent scandal about certain advertisers pulling their online ad budgets from YouTube:

According to an article by Business Insider, advertising companies cited concerns that their ads might “appear next to videos containing hate speech, promoting terror organizations, or other obviously unsafe content for their brands to be associated with” as a reason for pulling ad spend from YouTube. If too many advertisers start pulling ad budgets away from YouTube, it will become harder for content creators on the platform to monetize their videos and earn a living.

To overcome this, many content creators are having to find new ways to monetize their content and engage with fans. However, given the lack of information that YouTube is willing to provide its content creators with about their audiences, creating a great strategy is tough. Which brings up the next point:

Lack of Control Over and Access to Fan Data

YouTube gives content creators access to a fairly limited set of data. You get a few basic reports, such as:

There are two major problems with the analytical data YouTube provides. First, it isn’t really all that specific.

For example, the “playback location” stat only tracks view location by country. There’s an enormous difference between getting 100,000 views for a video from the USA and getting 50,000 views from Tampa, Florida, 30,000 views in L.A., California, and the rest of the views being scattered randomly throughout the country.

With this info, you know you have a large fan base in a specific city that you can reach out to or plan or attend events near.

The second problem is that you don’t own this data. If YouTube ever goes under or your channel gets deleted, you lose ALL of the data.

Limited Ability to Interact with Fans

Go to any video on YouTube and parse the comments section, and you can see how limited the interactions in comments can be. Over the years, the comments section has had functions removed that further limit interactions.

Gone is the ability to post a video reply, and the process for making a text reply is, in general, bulky and inconvenient. There are some moderation controls on YT, such as the ability to add moderators, approve or hide users, and block certain words or hold all comments for review.

The larger your channel on YouTube is, the more time, energy, and resources it takes to moderate fan interactions.

Content creators on YouTube need a solid, reliable, and transparent way to get the data they need, interact with fans, and monetize their hero status. They need a mobile app for their YouTube channel that they can direct their fans to.

Why build your own app when you’re already on YouTube? 

There are several reasons why a YouTube content creator with a large following should have their own app:

Considerations to make when building an ideal mobile app for your YouTube channel 

Before building a mobile app for your YouTube Channel, there are many considerations that have to be made, including:

Custom-building your own mobile app for fans sounds like a great idea. However, app development and maintenance is a complex, time-consuming process that requires expert attention. And, who has the time to build their own custom fan app while also keeping up with a busy video production schedule?

Finding a reliable partner to help out with your mobile app’s development and maintenance can be an enormous help for a busy content creator. But, who can you rely on?

FanHero is here to help you succeed with mobile application dev, maintenance, and more. Not only can FanHero build your app for you while taking your goals/needs into account, all of the data the app collects is yours, and you get the support of a dedicated growth team to help you out!

Get closer to your fans and be their hero with your own custom mobile app!