Live Shopping

Sell products and services during your live streams

Show your products in action

Innovative, engaging, and highly entertaining.

Create conversations about your product and services during your live streams.

Offer a seamless shopping experience and let viewers buy with one click.

How Live Shopping works

Transform the way you interact with viewers

Connect your e-commerce store to FanHero.

The audience can read descriptions and click on images directly from their screen.

Select the products you would like to feature on your live stream.

Viewers can ask questions and comments on live chat and buy products with one click!

Reinventing E-Commerce

Viewers love to interact with a brand before buying their products. By merging entertainment and shopping, your brand will drive higher levels of engagement, conversions, and ROI.

Offer interactive content that is fun and convenient.

Create product launches, sell tickets for events and much more.

Collaborate with other brands and influencers.

Stream it to social media with the online shopping features.

Sell products and services in real-time

A powerful solution for brands looking to bridge the gap between physical and digital stores.

Boost your live stream with online shopping

Curate and introduce new products your audience will love during your live streams.

Features for Creators

Maximize your offer and never waste an opportunity to make a sale again!

Customers, businesses, and brands can all benefit from live shopping since it combines entertainment with the convenience of instant purchase.

Headless Video CMS

FanHero automatically transcodes and stores your content.

Upload one or hundreds of videos and share them with anyone with individual URLs.

Deliver high-quality video that can be and played on any device and screen size.

Supports an ever-growing list of video formats, including AVI, MP4, MPG, WMA, MP3, M4V, and more.

e-Commerce Integration

Create, run, and optimize campaigns from Shopify including discount codes.

Connect e-Commerce platforms and payment methods, including checkout and product stream sync.

With Cart on-screen, users can add items to the cart with one click and buy while still watching your content.

Share and Embed your Live Shopping live stream

Stream to social media and websites with shopping features.

Analytics and Metrics

Find out how your audience engages with your products, your revenue for a selected period of time and more.

Boost user engagement

With live chat and interactive shopping experiences, viewers engage with sellers and create a community around your products and services.


Dedicated support for FanHero subscribers.

What can you sell during live streams?

Digital Products

Sell your online courses, professional services, music, online events tickets, and anything you can deliver online directly to your viewers.

Physical Goods

Reinventing Live Shopping. Connect your online store to your channel and sell your goods directly from your live stream.

What can you sell during live streams?


Add extra value to your collaborators' proposal.

Promote hotels, restaurants, physical stores, and any kind of sponsorship by selling their services and products as packages on your live videos.

Fitness Instructors
Sell classes, in-person personal training packages, or gym memberships.
Authors and bookstores
Host live book clubs and sell online or physical copies of your books in real-time.
Fashion designers and apparel brands
Sell the products while models are wearing them, live.
Professional Service Providers
Sell online and in-person services at a fixed price or as a package.
Health Practitioners
Sell your online courses or health retreats packages.

Start selling with Live Shopping today

Start selling with Live Shopping today


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