Launch your own digital TV, live streaming, and video-on-demand marketplace

Generate revenue by enabling content creators to sign-up, distribute, and monetize their content on your own platform.

Your Marketplace

A digital marketplace is a platform-in-the-middle business that enables third parties to distribute and monetize their content while retaining a line of the economics.

Your Platform

Cross Platform

Reach your users wherever they are. Platform agnostic with device-specific players for better user experience.

Live Streaming

Grant your audience the premium live stream experience they deserve with our HD quality that includes Playback progress, PIP, Casting, live chat and much more.


Deliver content on a fully developed, operational social OTT technology platform. Create optimal functionality and performance that includes community engagement data, intelligence, social video, and live streaming.


Upload videos to our advanced Video CMS System to deliver the best video experience to your audience. In addition to providing you the ability to have a single or multi-channel platform, our CMS system also allows you to boost viewers' engagement with frame-accurate VOD assets for later playback.


Quickly deploy your branded web-based channel to distribute and monetize your content. Organize your content with flexibility. Increase your conversion, maximize retention, and generate revenue, while delivering a reliable and scalable stream to your audience across multiple devices.


Stream to unlimited viewers and interact with them with live chat. Our social video platform allows you to build a community by connecting users - improving channel engagement and conversions while optimizing your retention and revenue.


Unforeseen insights from your audience with our tightly integrated data intelligence platform. Own your data and know your audience with our built-in analytics.


Our platform allows you to segment by filters, powering your marketing efforts by sending emails, push notifications, and even SMS to specific groups of users.


Create real revenue opportunities by allowing customers to sign up and create their own channels while monetizing at every sale that takes place.


Unlimited possibilities to monetize content.



3 Easy Steps to Revenue

How it works

How you can profit from every sale that takes place.

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