Health & Fitness

Create your own custom Fitness platform

Turn your video workouts into your own fitness channel. Start a video subscription platform or have live classes for your viewers.

Allow your audience to experience your classes with our livestream option or VOD

Create multiple live streams on one location. Save and share streams when the live is resumed.

Keep your audience coming back

Witness the power of growth and engagement among your viewers all- in- one portal. Learn more about your fitness community by analyzing demographics, behavior, location and others.
100% Customizable
Customize channels to engage and attract. Themes and navigation that fit the look and feel of the brand.
Rich content System
Organize and manage content for easier access. Our media center will host all media to be consumed in different parts of the platform.
Full media workflow
Upload, transcode, optimize and store different types of media. From VOD to Livestream.
Multiple ways to monetize
Subscriptions, membership, pay-per-view, rentals, purchase. Ads and sponsorships coming soon!
Data Driven
Analyze audience data to create relevant content. Behavior, demographics and more.

Create real revenue for your fitness videos with ad and other premium features

Get started.