Media & Broadcaster

Launch your own broadcast network with FanHero’s OTT solution!

Our white label platform solution lets media and broadcasters stream multiple shows to users wherever they are, on a variety of devices, while making every broadcast entertaining and interactive.

Reach Your Audience Wherever They Are

Cross-platform, ubiquitous, unapologetic.
Platform agnostic with device-specific players for better user experience.

Use Our White Label Platform to Excite and Engage Your Live Audience

Event Scheduling
Use our intuitive calendar to schedule and publish your live events.
Dynamic Layouts
Create your own dynamic templates and change elements during webcasts.
Webcast profiles
Set up your distribution rules as simple, repeatable templates.
Premium video sources
Deliver premium-quality webcasts with broadcast-quality cameras and encoders.
VC sources
Bring remote speakers into your webcast via VC end points.
Make your next Skype or WebEx session the source for your webcast.
Moderated Q & A
Invite audience participation via Q&A. Screen and publish questions.
Add viewer responses to live events and test audience understanding.

Customize channels

Attract and engage users. Expand the functionality of core features to add value to your brand.


Use the power of data intelligence to gain insight about platform and content performance, helping you generate the right type of content for your audience.


Only Pay for What You Use.
Subscription-based pricing models vs. perpetual licenses allow you to leverage usage-based consumption.

Stay on Top with Future-Proof Security

As technology evolves and content security moves toward software-based approaches, invest in solutions that will bolster your bottom line in the connected future. Ensure that your network is always up-to-date with new software and that you comply with the latest standards.


Transform each content shown on TV, into individual content for consumption on-demand.
A variety of options to monetize each of these content types: Subscriptions, Membership, Pay-Per-View, Rentals, Purchase, Donations. Pick one or pick all!

3 Easy Steps to Revenue

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