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Create live streaming videos in one easy-to-use platform

All the tools you need to create professional-
looking live streams and go live in one place.

Broadcast to multiple platforms and destinations

Share your live streams to social media platforms and custom destinations with RTMP. Stream to multiple Facebook Pages and Groups, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitch all at once.

Increase your views and maximize user engagement

Have full control over participants and topics discussed on live chat.

Change the layout to 2 or more speakers, with the option to share a video or a presentation.

Add your brand logo, backgrounds, and layers to your live stream for a professional look.

Add on-screen calls-to-action and send messages to foster better collaborations and productivity.




My name is Nilton Ricardo and I've been using the FANHERO platform for over 1 year, and my customers have shown us great satisfaction with the platform's products and services, dynamic and efficient tools. We at MDplay are very proud to be part of this evolution.
Nilton Ricardo - Movie Desck
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In an OTT structure, technology is very important, but in addition, a committed team that can answer and solve problems is essential for a business of this format to be successful and to be able to go through several mishaps. At Fanhero, BJJFLIX found an ideal solution for all the moments the company has experienced so far. Thank you so much
Ronaldo Aoqui - CEO BJJ Flix

Boost your brand with live streams in just a few clicks

Make your broadcast unique and draw more viewers to your channel by using your brand’s logo, colors, and overlays.

Upload images, GIFS, and videos as part of your branding.

FanHero Studio’s user-friendly platform allows you to create the perfect design with just a few clicks.

Go live with great recording tools

Schedule live streams ahead and go live with one click.

Download video and audio or just audio files for your podcasts.

Download separated tracks for each guest and edit them later.

Record shows with FanHero Studio and share whenever you like.

Offer the best performing, high-definition video solution to your users

FanHero Studio is a complete streaming platform that supports your needs with the latest technology. Have multiple guests, share screens, and add custom overlays on the go with an easy-to-use interface.

A professional video streaming tool for creators

Connect with your viewers and boost your engagement rates.

Grow your brand awareness with FanHero Studio

Dull content that fails to grab attention leaves you with fewer conversions and customers.

Live streaming provides a unique, fun way to build stronger relationships and to produce sales.

Get all the tools you need to live stream and connect with your audience.

Build your broadcast with FanHero

build your broadcast with fanhero