Build your own video product is the end-to-end solution which enables you to easily build,scale and operate on-demand and live streaming videos in your app. software or platform. Test it for free on our Sandbox environment.

Customize your Streaming Configuration

Enjoy an API with resource of complete upload, storage, privacy control, automatic transcode to host HD videos.

Video streaming API

No hassle solution

Cover the whole online video workflow

Upload videos and deliver them to your audiences through a beautiful HTML5 adaptive video player.

You don’t have to mash up a ton of services, manage and maintain several solutions anymore. Your project goes live in hours instead of months and scales automatically with your usage.

Video platform API

With, you can seamlessly scale to millions of videos and views, and at 99.97% API uptime on every plan and a global infrastructure presence, we’re trusted by experts everywhere.

Developer Centric

Built to implement video fast

Use one API to collect on-demand or live videos and make them available on any platform and screens. We have SDKs for Java, iOS, Android, and server-side languages.

A personalized video experience

Our video streaming API contains a single, simple, highly abstracted API and used for the ingest and playback of your content. The intricate complexities of how your content is encoded, stored, and delivered is all taken care of by the services underlying API, allowing you to focus on building your product.

Ready to harness the power of the Vonage Video API?

The Vonage Video APl makes it easy to build a custom video experience within any mobile, web, or desktop application.

  • Support all your video use cases: 1:1 consultations, group video chat, screen sharing, and large scale broadcasts to thousands
  • Record any session and receive vital data, including duration and quality of every session and stream
  • Access advanced security, firewall-control, regional isolation, and compliance certification options
  • Enjoy a comprehensive developer experience, plus end-to end assistance with our Enterprise plan