Video Management &
Operational Overview

Dashboard: your channel performance at a glance

Get to know how your content is performing, paid subscribers, daily views, revenue, and more with the FanHero dashboard.

Never convert
another video file

All your content in one place

Drag and drop to upload new content that is transcoded automatically

Filter by content category: video, audio, image

Your Channel, your home

Customize your home channel with your brand and change content highlights whenever you like.
  • Create a carousel with content highlights
  • Link your Channel to an external website
  • Add title, description, and content description
  • Assign an URL to any video for easy sharing

Give content personality with Posts

Create dedicated pages for your content

Add a title and a description, index content by category

Geofence content individually

Add pay-per-view, rental, and other purchase options

Create Polls

Add a pool to your feed and ask your viewers questions.

Increase engagement rates with reactions and comments.

Share your pool on other websites and social media

Video Gallery

Create unlimited Video Galleries

Group content for indexing and highlight them as categories on your home channel.

Select your collection privacy by setting it to exclusive for subscribers, private, pay-per-view, and more.

Have access to analytics for each of your collections and how they are trading with your audience.

Live Events

  • Manage live streams and schedule them in advance
  • Live streams are automatically archived
  • RTMP, MP4, RTP Push, and RTMP Pull
  • Edit the start and end of your videos on the browser
  • Publish past live stream events to your Channel
  • Find out how your live stream performed with comprehensive stats and a list of viewers
  • Access comprehensive analytics after your event


  • View your total revenue by month and year
  • Create discount or affiliated coupons and share it campaigns with partners
  • Pause coupons and start using them again whenever you like
  • Choose the expiration date, match ID and how many times coupons can be redeemed
  • Create trial coupons and choose the end day for redemption


  • Create your own products and choose how you are selling them
  • Pay-per-view, purchase, or recurring subscription
  • Create price plans for individual content
  • Select between only for web, mobile or both
  • Add an image and list of features for each product for extra impact

Orders and Payments

All your orders and payments are in one place.
Filter by order status, date, amount


  • Detailed information on your content and overall channel performance
  • Check your active users at any given time
  • Keep track of the number of subscribers
  • Visualize usage and session durations and filter by day, week, month or a period of time
  • Session counts and duration
  • Languages your channel is most viewed
  • What devices viewers are using to watch your content
  • Most played content and how long it was played for

Conference Rooms

  • Have engaging conversations with your viewers and explore topics they are interested
  • Create and schedule rooms in advance
  • Add moderators and Geofence
  • Choose access to the public, pay-per-view, or exclusive for subscribers
  • Choose the order your rooms appear on your channel


With Users, you have control over subscribers and everyone in your organization with access to your channel.
Guest users: welcome potential new subscribers by giving them access to your Channel d with limited access to content

Push Notifications

Deliver in-app notifications to your users and keep them in the loop. Create notifications that will appear on your subscribers mobile phones

Menu Configuration

Add your social media links and make your channel look like yours

Channel Settings

Customize your Channel by adding a thumbnail, main banner, and add your logo

FanHero Studio

Add backgrounds and layers to your live stream and go live!

Change the layout to two or more speakers, with the option to share it as a video or a presentation.

Choose your live stream destination

Media Center

All your content in one place

Upload new content with drag and drop

All your files are transcoded automatically to be displayed in every screen size

Creators can access and upload content via web and mobile.

Ready to experience the next generation of video CMS?

Ready to experience the next generation of video CMS?


Own your data. Know your audience. Understand your users.
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