How to grow your business and make the most of video marketing – fast

Want to grab your audience’s attention and give your business the opportunity to present its products and services using the most engaging medium in this digital age? The answer is video marketing!

When your company creates video content to showcase, educate, entertain, monetize – or all these at once – you are creating a lot more opportunities to get noticed – and remembered – than creating static content that can only be seen, heard, or read.

Creating video content in 2022 is proven to be the most effective way of targeting particular niches and getting your products and services right in front of their eyes.


The power of UGC

Forget about expensive cameras, studio lights, and complicated post-production processes; marketing videos that are making an impact these days are the ones making the consumer feel like they are having a real experience with what you’re selling.

User Generated Content aka UGC is not a new concept. However, it is getting a lot of attention these days, mostly fueled by TikTok and Instagram Reels. Even YouTube is following suit and offering content creators new features to create exposure for short-form content.

When done with the right planning and intention, video marketing content is a powerful tool for educating, entertaining, and engaging new and current customers online, while getting your products and services in front of the right eyes.

Creating UGC is much simpler than long- or short-form studio content. All you need is an enthusiastic person who is good at talking on camera and able to show solid knowledge of your business and product to create simple on-camera videos using their mobile phone or laptop. All they have to do is explain, showcase and brag about it and their experience!

Why small and medium size businesses should take advantage of video content

If you are selling anything online, you are an e-commerce business. How about showing your products with videos to enhance and give your brand the social proof it deserves? By being authentic, you build trust, and both are extremely important when it comes to influencing your target market’s purchasing decisions.

Video can enhance your offers in many other ways:

More exposure

People love watching and sharing videos, especially when they believe they will have a positive impact on the lives of people they already know. Everyone wants to influence someone! Since engagement (the number of shares and comments) is a lot more valuable than the number of likes, with video your chances of getting the audience engaged are much higher than using other media formats.


Community building: create brand advocates

It’s human nature; when someone believes in something and they get the results expected after using it, they will spread the word for you. Every content creator/influencer is after subjects to create more content and giving them a channel to express their opinion and loyalty to your brand can be of great value. The only thing to be careful of here is what you claim your product is capable of providing in reality – backfiring is also part of the game when it comes to UGC. Keep your promises real and don’t promise more than your company or product can deliver.


Keep the content flowing

Content marketing campaigns are more than a one-off video and social post and hoping for the best. It’s a continuous process that requires a large volume of content going out to create trends and make them visible. With UGC, you can repurpose content you wrote for blogs, social media, and websites and get it recorded on videos. The key here is not to drop the ball and keep content flowing non-stop until it’s trending.


FanHero can enhance your video marketing operations

With an all-in-one, end-to-end video platform, management, distribution, and monetization solution, you can organize, create, distribute and keep track of how your content is being consumed, which is key to creating smooth operations and releasing quality content, fast.

Having the ability to display ad-free video content on your product descriptions is important. Who wants to create a video highlighting a product and then have a completely random advertisement playing while a potential buyer is watching it? That’s exactly what happens when using free platforms like YouTube to host your video content.

Hosting live streams is also an excellent way to show what you do and simultaneously leverage it to your social media channels. You can read more about how to use FanHero live streams here


Analytics play a huge part in content planning, and we offer a complete solution with all the intel you need to keep your audience happy and engaged by creating the type of content they want to consume.

There are many more features FanHero offers to established and up-and-coming online businesses that are guaranteed to take your video content marketing and operations to the next level with an accessible price point, where you only pay for what you use.

Want to know more about FanHero features and plans? Head to our website to discover what we can do for you, and feel free to get in touch and discuss your needs with our specialists.


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