Why a Live Streaming Strategy is a Must-Have in 2020

If there’s one thing content creators should be doing right now to grow their brand, live streaming is it.

That isn’t just hype. A solid live streaming strategy is a low-risk way for creators to grow their audience and boost their income.

Live Streaming to Build An Audience

It might sound strange that live streaming can help new fans find a channel.

After all, if they catch the live stream they’ve already found the channel, right? As it turns out, there’s more to the situation.

Google (and other search engines) give pages with frequent live video more weight over pages with recorded video or just blog posts.

Social media platforms do the same thing. Facebook in particular prioritizes live video when suggesting new pages. More importantly, live streaming can hold people’s attention like no other media.

67% of global internet users watch live content, and 47% are watching more than they were last year. 

The main reason is novelty. Since live streams happen in real time, they feel more exciting.

Viewers can’t click past without missing something, so they pause to watch for a few minutes. Creators have the chance to win those viewers over.

They have an advantage, too: people connect with live video. 82% of viewers prefer live video content over static social posts, even from branded video. Live video generates 3x the engagement of other video types.

Maximizing Revenue with Live Streaming

Back in 2016 the live streaming market was predicted to surpass $70 billion by 2021.

Between recent events and changing technology that number will almost certainly be low. The live streaming sector has grown by 99% over where it was last year.

Creators can tap into that growth in different ways. One is through exclusive paid content.

45% of consumers are willing to pay for exclusive live content, and nearly 70% of those who join a live stream buy a ticket to a follow-on event when offered.

Conversions are another source of revenue. Video viewers are more than twice as likely to click through to check out the rest of the creator’s page, and they stay six times longer than otherwise.

Once they’re there, they’re in a mood to buy. 40% of consumers state live video increases the chance they’ll purchase a product.

The Big Picture

Taken as a whole, these statistics form a compelling argument for live streaming.

It isn’t just a matter of thriving anymore. It’s necessary for survival in today’s competitive media scene.

Creators who don’t live stream are effectively falling behind their peers, even if their video quality and views stay the same.

Are you ready to explore live streaming? Let us help you put your best foot forward!


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