4 Reasons Influencers Need a White Label Mobile App

Influencers help shape entire industries through their posts on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more. They can have millions of followers on their social media accounts, many of whom eagerly await the next bit of wisdom from their hero. These interactions are a great way for influencers to engage fans, but is there a way for you to take the Fan/Hero relationship to the next level? Actually, there is a way that you can do just that: using a white-label mobile app for your fans. Why should influencers use an app when you’re already on social media networks that have their own apps? Here are a few reasons:

1) To get ownership of your fan data 

One of the problems with most of the major social media networks is that the network owns all of the data that they collect about your fans. Your own access to and control of this information is limited to what the network is willing to give. Worse yet, if anything ever happens to the network, or if your account gets deleted for some reason, ALL of your hard-earned fan data disappears right along with it. However, with your own white-label app for mobile phones, you own the data, not some outside network. This puts every piece of data that the app collects at your fingertips. Knowing who your biggest audience is helps you make content that your fans will love, increasing fan engagement. For example, with complete control and ownership of your data, you can:
  • Iterate, Measure, and Succeed. Know exactly which pieces of content are the most engaging to your fans. Also, tweak your content and measure the results with fans across multiple demographics.
  • Connect On a Personal Level. By putting out content that’s optimized to your fan base, you can connect with them on a deeper, more personal level.
  • Track Fan Engagement. Find out if you’re on the verge of losing your audience before they leave with Fan Engagement Tracking. This feature of FanHero’s white label app allows you to track which fans are becoming disinterested so you can push content that’s more meaningful to them.
  • Monitor Fan Milestones. Get alerts when fans reach major milestones, like viewing 100 or more of your posts, first-time app downloads, and more! Reward your super fans by congratulating them on reaching certain milestones!

2) To create new ways to monetize your fan following 

With your own dedicated white-label app, you have an opportunity to create new ways to monetize your fan following. For example, you could add an online shop to your app filled with merchandise such as motivational quote t-shirts, coffee mugs, or any other piece of memorabilia that’s related to your market & audience. If you already have an online shop, you could place advertisements and online links to it on the app. Alternatively, you could create a special subscription service that rewards fans with exclusive access to special livestream videos, content, and offers. Your top fans will definitely appreciate being able to get a little more out of their hero. These help you to monetize your brand, creating (or enhancing) revenue streams.

3) To have a platform with the moderation tools you really need 

Some social media platforms (such as YouTube) have notoriously toxic comments sections. While many of these platforms do have some type of moderation controls, they often rely on manual review of individual posts. When you have a million or more fans, however, that’s not a really realistic way to moderate your fan base’s interactions. White-labeled mobile apps give you more moderation controls with improved automation, such as specific terms to disallow, that make it easier and less time-consuming to moderate your fan community.

4) For total control over what you post

With the major social media networks, your posts, videos, livestreams, etc. are all considered the property of that social media network. They have the final authority over your posts. If a moderator for the social media channel decides they don’t like your posts, they can delete them. Or, say you post something that you later want to take down, but it’s already been shared by other users on the network? At that point, it’s too late to delete the erroneous post. On your own app, however, you own and control all of the posts you make. So, if you find an error in some post just after sending it out to your fans, you can quickly take it down or edit it as needed. Also, you can set up some posting automation so that you can create content ahead of time and have it publish on a set date. This can help you save time and energy when you’re busy trying to manage your brand or attend industry events to get some face time in with your fans. There are a ton of reasons why influencers like yourself need a white-labeled mobile application that they can share with their fans. Learn more about how FanHero can help you build stronger relationships with your fan base today!

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