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How FanHero OTT ignited the most popular Brazilian soccer team's online video subscription service and live streaming events with over 1 million views.
“When Flamengo approached Brado (a partner Company) to implement our OTT technology and build their own video product, we knew it was an opportunity of a lifetime.”

FanHero CEO

FlaTV+ has over 70,000 paid subscribers since its launch in 2021.
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Live streaming to over 1 million viewers in the first 2 years of operations.
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First time monetizing their own content using a private OTT video product and using a combination of models - subscription and pay-per-view.
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Flamengo Sports Club saw an opportunity to engage with their audience during the pandemic by embracing industry trends and launching their own video product in 2020. Their goal was to offer live-streamed pay-per-view matches and exclusive content, expanding their reach beyond traditional open and cable TV.

Since launching their OTT video product in 2021, Flamengo Sports Club has garnered over 70,000 paid subscribers worldwide who are paying for exclusive content in their own currency, resulting in over 1 million views within the first two years of operation.


Recognized worldwide as pioneers in streaming multiple live events simultaneously on their video product.

Ability to sell pay-per-view events at the last minute and even after the event has already started

Ability to Geo-block live streaming events for certain locations as ad-hoc when required, due to copyright infringement contracts.

Pay-Per-View Events

Flamengo’s decision to keep their main live events as pay-per-view outside the subscription model, and offering an affordable price point based on user location, proved to be a successful strategy in converting a previously untapped demographic.

FanHero played a pivotal role in helping Flamengo achieve this by becoming their official technology online video product provider in 2020, launching the Carioca Championship 2021 and the release of FlaTV+. With FanHero’s Video Technology Cloud™, Flamengo was able to broadcast matches in high-quality, which resulted in over one million views during the Carioca Championship in 2021 and 2022.

This remarkable milestone has proven that using FanHero’s white-label video product can be a highly effective way to engage with audiences and increase revenue.
  • FanHero’s video-edge delivery technology enabled Flamengo’s matches to reach global viewers with high-quality and stable transmission, utilizing 70 points of distribution to efficiently deliver content by identifying user locations and delivering through the server closest to them.
  • FanHero’s scalable product allowed for seamless access to millions of users and the accessible price point for pay-per-view events converted a previously untapped demographic.
  • With video-edge delivery technology and scalable monetization models, FanHero helped Flamengo achieve over one million views in live matches during the Carioca Championship in 2021 and 2022. Partnering with FanHero allowed Flamengo to expand their reach and create a loyal global audience beyond traditional broadcasting methods.

FanHero has proven to be a powerful and reliable OTT video product for Flamengo and other enterprises. With video-edge delivery technology, efficient content delivery, scalable monetization models, and a range of other features, FanHero offers businesses the tools they need to expand their reach and create loyal audiences around the world.


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