Creating an educational video platform: what you need to know

By providing training and educational videos, your company can share knowledge and information about your expertise, products, and the services you offer for a fee, or for free. While social media networks encourage people to watch and share short and informal videos, the market for training and educational videos is skyrocketing and showing no signs of slowing down since 2019.

Educational institutions to enterprises, private coaches, and anyone with a skill people are willing to pay money to learn should consider creating an educational video platform to host content that can boost sales, increase brand awareness, and put your business in the spotlight as a thought leader in your industry.

What can businesses achieve with their own educational video content platforms?

It is proven that people are willing to pay for quality educational content that is tailored to their needs. Even if monetizing educational content is not a priority for your business, by providing your audience with educational content for free, you are building brand authority. On the flip side, you are also encouraging employees to share their knowledge and become brand ambassadors while raising their profile in the industry.

How educational content boosts marketing

Educational content marketing educates and entertains your current audience while attracting new people searching for the topics you are exploring and providing solutions for.

With an educational content platform, your company has one more marketing channel to advertise and if monetizing is at the top of your strategy, cutting platforms from Youtube and Vimeo will give you a lot more freedom. Instead of paying their ‘cut’ every month, you could use that money to advertise a platform that truly belongs to your business.

By empowering current and prospective clients with educational content, rather than just serving them with advertising and promotional content, your company will reach new levels of exposure. Plus, helping them make informed decisions for their current problems can very much sell the solutions you offer! The cherry on top of educational content is that a happy client is very likely to spread the word about your business to their network and boost your exposure.

What to look for in a platform to host and distribute educational videos

When it comes to cloud-based video platforms out there, there are plenty of options to choose from. On the surface, they seem to offer the same features and benefits, however here are some features that can make the difference in 2022 and beyond:

Real-time interactions and announcements: In 2022 it is crucial to have dedicated features for community building and letting students interact with each other. Hosting live chats during classes, message boards, and the ability to leave comment reactions is key to igniting and keeping the community together. Announcements can be in the form of notifications and emails to ensure your audience knows when there is new content that appeals to them.

Multi-channel and Categories: Having the ability to create and run multiple channels that can be divided by subject, host, level, or other parameters will make it easier for you and your audience to find and follow educational content.

Monetization options: The ability to sell subscriptions, pay-per-view for exclusive content, and advertising-based free content are a must-have. As important as the ability to combine these methods when needed is the ability to charge in different currencies and set competitive prices for different regions.

Being able to serve high-definition content anywhere in the world, access to a powerful suite of analytics, the ability to live stream and record content straight from the platform, and a highly customizable interface where your branding elements can be used are some of the many reasons why enterprises and businesses around the world choose FanHero as their cloud video solution provider. Want to know how we can provide you with the tech infrastructure to build your educational content platform? Contact us today!


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