Five Ways Sports Team Apps Make Game Day Better

Apps have amazing potential to connect fans and their favorite teams. Nowhere is that more powerful than on Game Day. Team apps add a whole new dimension to the stadium experience, giving owners a way to make the game more interactive while providing fans with timely, targeted services.

Still unsure?

Read on for the top five ways fans can use a sports app to guarantee an unforgettable event.

1. Use digital ticketing 

Apps cut through the maze of online ticketing. Fans open their app and have instant access to single games or season passes. Tickets can be scanned right from the user’s smartphone, so they can’t be lost or accidentally deleted. Better yet, the app can deliver push notifications about available seat upgrades so fans can find the best spot to catch the action.

2. Locate stadium facilities 

Mobile location features guide fans through unfamiliar or crowded stadiums with ease. This helps them find the four places used most by guests:

Restrooms: Users can navigate to the closest restroom using their team app. In connected stadiums like Barclay’s Center or Levi Stadium they can access outside cameras to find the shortest lines.

Concessions stands: Fans can look ahead to what snacks and concessions will be offered at each game. In some stadiums they’re able to check supply levels at the concessions stand without getting up, or even place an order for seat-side delivery.

Parking and Drop-off Zones: Apps take the guess work out of parking. Download a stadium map to find drop-off zones for kids or mobility-impaired companions, then locate the best possible parking areas.

Customer Service/ Security/ First Aid areas: In the unfortunate event that the visit doesn’t go smoothly, app users can rest assured of finding help as quickly as possible.

3. Get closer to the game 

Those who like to analyze plays and debate strategy will find plenty of resources in a team app, like current information on individual players’ performance and injury records. They can also pull up stats on unfamiliar players by jersey number or name.

During the game itself, fans don’t miss a second of the game when waiting in concession or restroom lines. They watch multiple camera angles and instant replays through the app, and even share game clips on social media for their friends back home.

4. Interactive game features 

With a team app downtime becomes fan engagement time. Stadiums have run popular programs where app users can vote on exit music or light shows. When both teams have an app, they have the option of letting their fans go head-to-head in “big screen” games before play or during halftime.

Team apps also serve as platforms for attendee-only trivia contests with real-time rewards like concessions, memorabilia, or even player meetups. Validating these prizes is easy through the app: fans just show and go.

5. Personalize the game day experience 

Most of all, apps customize Game Day for each fan. When a game approaches within the user’s specified area, they receive push notifications leading to ticket options and upgrades based on past visits. They’ll be offered combo deals on their favorite concessions. They can even order the right size jersey or team shirt to pick up at the stadium, usually through a much shorter line. This is the kind of user experience today’s fans want, and it’s hard to provide outside an app.

Encourage repeat attendance with a team app 

Fans are more digitally-motivated than ever before. Providing ways for them to stay connected during the game capitalizes on that motivation, creating positive memories that keep fans coming back to the stadium for years to come.

Are you interested in improving your in-stadium fan experience like Orlando City? Talk to FanHero about how our custom team apps can make the audience feel like part of the game!


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