Event Organizers

Host virtual events and enable attendees to access your content for free or for a fee

Sell multiple events

In one simple to use product
Our user-friendly dashboard enables you to set up and begin broadcasting live events in minutes with a push of the button.
Whether you are creating a single event or multiple events our product gives you the power to connect with a global audience and scale (or tailor) your event to meet your business objectives.
Sell event tickets and track participants with ease.

The video product

Whether you’re creating a single live stream for an event or for multiple channels, you can rely on our product to scale to your needs with the ability to deliver to a global audience with a cloud-based architecture that runs in multiple regions.
  • Live stream or recordings
  • Use any cameras, including full production setups, tablets, and smartphones
  • Stream up to 5 live stream sessions simultaneously
  • Full production support
  • Click-and-go stream


Deliver engaging experiences to your audience with our built-in online community where your users can interact with each other and engage in live chats with the event creator or speaker.

Engage your audience to react, upvote or downvote, participate on polls

Reply to comments using photos, gifs and emojis

Block users and flag inappropriate comments and images


Learn more about your audience - who they are, where they are from, what events they are watching - all available on our intuitive dashboard, allowing you to deliver curated content and up-sell your events based on real data.
  • Measure and take action based on pre-determined KPI’s
  • Navigate through pre-digested data and break it down by events, date, channel, geolocation, demographics, etc.


Customize the look and feel of your event presence to match your brand and create a unique customer experience. Personalize the channel with assets, color, and more to maintain consistency with your brand.

Send customized push notifications to alert your users about upcoming events

Take advantage of email marketing support to launch targeted email campaigns

Evaluate and take action based on our powerful built-in analytics


Generate real revenue with sponsorships, ads, and other premium features you can add to your virtual event. Give your partners unique branding opportunities with pre-roll ads and banners or monetize each event online and enable attendees to access your content for a fee or free.
  • Sell event tickets and track participants at ease

Let FanHero be your go-to events product

Let FanHero be your go-to events product