Video Commerce

An all-in-one video commerce product engineered for growth.

Subscriptions (SVOD)
Pay-per-view (TVOD)
Advertising (AVOD)

Monetize your videos instantly

FanHero helps you monetize your video content quickly, whether you're a professional media organization, an up-and-coming influencer, or just getting started. Ready. Set. Go!

The video monetization product you'll never outgrow.

Simple pricing that scales from 1 subscriber to 1M+.

Receive payments in every market, language, and currency.

Focus on the content and leave the technology to us.

Our technology grows with you. Dealing with third parties and keeping your app up to date is a thing of the past. FanHero, here to support you.

Free migration with no downtime

App development, submission and management

Branded apps with
in-app purchase

In-depth, real-time insights

Live streaming with

24/7 support for
you and subscribers

Full control over your digital products, customers, and subscribers

Customer Management

Featuring API-first Headless CMS. Integrate your customer data and manage all communications in one product.

Subscription Management

Manage all billing and subscriptions easily.

Offers and Coupons

Boost your campaigns by creating coupons and sharing them with partners.

Turn data into revenue

  • Update your pricing by looking at why subscribers join and stay.
  • Build a content strategy plan based on what subscribers watch and where.
  • Drive up customer lifetime value.
  • Grow gross revenue per user.

Optimize your prices to keep current consumers while lowering the barriers to entry and costs for new ones


Ready to monetize your content?

Ready to monetize your content?