A White Label, web-based, video conferencing solution

Reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing.


Take your presentations to the next level.

Conduct webinars and video conferences with your company’s logos, colors and more using our customizable white label software.

Your Brand​

Create video and web conferencing solutions that appear native to your organization. With our Private Label Web Conferencing program, all references to FanHero Rooms will be replaced with your organization’s branding.


Use your own domain and customize the appearance of your account with your company’s colors and logo!


FanHero Rooms Enterprise White Label Web Conferencing is designed for businesses and corporations that wish to allow their customers or associates to have a hosted solution for conducting Video Conference meetings. With our Private Label solution, if you wish to resell accounts to your end users, you can do so and charge whatever amount you wish.​

enhancing collaboration

FanHero Rooms Enterprise Private Label Web Conferencing supports productivity enhancing collaboration software tools, allowing participants to share their applications and documents with each other in the meeting room.

FanHero Rooms Enterprise White Label Web Conferencing offers more value and flexibility than other web/video conferencing systems at a fraction of the price.

Your go-to virtual events platform!