Surviving in a 0% Organic Reach World

When it comes to Facebook, organic reach is effectively dead. Influencers – both globally famous names and people just starting out – can no longer expect Facebook to sort them into the newsfeeds of potential fans. The change has been looming over creators’ heads for a long time. As far back as 2012 page managers realized that less than a fifth of fans saw new posts in their newsfeeds. That percentage dropped to less than two percent last year. Now, Facebook is advising page owners that 0% organic reach is the new reality. To reach newsfeeds, the platform recommends boosting posts or buying ads. While there’s no turning back the clock on organic reach, there are some strategies for making the most of the situation.

Show fans how to support you 

People are more invested in your brand when they feel like they’re helping to build it. It builds a relationship with you, the creator, and gives them a sense of belonging to your community. Community spirit drives fan loyalty. How can you get your fans to help? Teach them how to make sure your posts show up early and often in their newsfeed. At the end of your videos (or once every few days at the end of page updates) ask fans to like and follow your page if they haven’t. Add that they can click the “Following” button and select “See First” from the menu to rand your posts higher in their newsfeeds. Finally, remind fans to browse through the “Pages” tab on the Explore Feed to find new content from their favorite creators.

Push engagement 

While fans still have a narrow chance of seeing your content, non-fans won’t see it outside three circumstances:
  • Paid ads: Ads do increase your chances of being seen, but the cost adds up. Boosting every post you want to showcase would get expensive fast.
  • Browsing the “Suggested” tab under the Explore Feed: The truth is, not many Facebook users wander outside pages they already like. Many don’t even know the Explore feed exists; the majority of Facebook users have never clicked it at all.
  • A friend shares the post: This is your best chance of gaining new Facebook followers. Not only does the post get seen, it comes with a recommendation from a friend. Posts shared by friends attract more new page likes than even paid ads.
  Push engagement like your brand depends on it (because it does). There are two good free ways to do this:
  • Encourage fans to like and share posts: This raises your ranking in the Facebook algorithms, so it helps both fans and potential fans find you. It also puts you in contention for space in non-fans’ newsfeeds.
  • Go Live to pull fans into a moment with you: Live video is the most watched type on Facebook. Its appears at the top of newsfeeds, too.

Focus on your own platforms 

You can’t control how social media changes, but you can control your own platforms. If you have a website or a mobile app, make that your primary focus. You can still use social media as a “funnel”. Tailor your posts there to catch people’s attention, then direct fans to your platform for a better experience. Besides greater control, creator-centric platforms have higher ROI as well. You have more reliable income from ad sharing, better sponsorship opportunities, and easier access to data generated by your fans.

Make it out of the social media jungle alive 

Losing organic reach is a blow, but it doesn’t have to be a fatal one. With a little extra work your page can survive and even thrive.

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