Don’t Make Fans Hunt For Your Content

Doesn’t it drive you crazy when fans can’t find your content? You put heart and soul into a video only for it to mysteriously disappear from YouTube subscriber feeds or fall prey to declining reach on Facebook. Meanwhile, your followers are frustrated by missing new content. There’s an easy solution to this dilemma: consolidate your branded content with a custom mobile app!

Why are custom celebrity apps so useful?  

Apps engage fans where they already are: on mobile. Mobile activity accounts for nearly 70% of digital media time. The average American is on mobile 3 hours and 15 minutes every day. That’s ten more minutes than during 2016. This is a huge chunk of time that fans could be interacting with your content. Celebrity apps benefits both fans and creators. For fans, apps provide a more personal fan experience. They let followers connect with their favorite celebrities and find exclusive content created just for them. Push notifications remind them about major fan events like concerts or live streams, so they never have to find out the latest news second-hand. Influencers do enjoy increased engagement from apps, but the real prize is total control over their fan data. Data is a powerful tool for refining content strategy and finding creative opportunities. Trying to make sense of scattered data from different social media platforms is a hassle, though, and most celebrities find it easier to access their data through a customized in-app dashboard. As a bonus, influencers with apps choose what to track and how to use it rather than having to settle for what social media shares.

What kind of branded digital content can be offered through an app? 

Social media platforms have been branching out, but each one still has their “core content style” that they’re best at. That’s why so many creators have separate social media accounts: Instagram for pictures and short videos, Twitter for quick updates, YouTube for longer videos, and so on. This approach suffers from lost engagement. Fans without a specific platform usually won’t download it just for one creator, so they only see a portion of your content. Even if they do have every platform you use, only superfans make a point of following every single account. You wind up either repeating yourself on every channel or dealing with an inconsistent digital presence. With a custom app, all of your content can be found in one location. That includes:


Your videos won’t get dropped from newsfeeds or hidden by an algorithm. Every one gets listed in your app’s library. Fans can choose to get push notifications, too, so they can watch within the all-important first 48 hours. As if that weren’t enough appeal, videos in an app are always monetized with no risk that anyone will take it down without your approval.


Live video lets you speak directly to your fans. It’s the most popular format with viewers, who find live-streams more personal and genuine than recorded video.


Visual-oriented content performs much better than raw text, but it can also get lost in the social media crowd. Share behind the scenes pictures, vacation photos, or other action shots to make fans feel like part of your inner circle. Teaser photos help build excitement for upcoming content and events. Finally, putting your own images out there gives fans a good base for memes, fan art, and other user generated content (UGC).

Emoji and stickers:

These aren’t just for young fans – 92% of online consumers use emoji. Adding emoji in a subject line makes recipients 56% more likely to open an email. They’re fun, creative, and build a closer relationship with your fans by making your content part of their daily conversations.


Just like emoji, GIFs have become part of online language. Entire conversations can be held in GIFs. By offering your own high-quality GIFs you make followers into your brand ambassadors, spreading awareness of your content every time they react to a post or make a joke.

Consolidate your digital presence 

At the end of the day, success in social media depends on getting your work seen. Don’t send your followers on a scavenger hunt for your content. Keep it all in one easy to find place with a custom mobile app from FanHero!

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