Corporate Communication

Become a connected enterprise

Deploy a video-centric communications product throughout your organization.

Reach your audience wherever they are

Cross-product, ubiquitous, unapologetic.
Product agnostic with device-specific players for better user experience.

One product

Multiple channels. Endless possibilities.
If you believe in innovation and technology as tools to improve the future, FanHero is the right product for you.
  • Cloud DVR
  • VOD
  • DVR
  • Simulated Live-Broadcaster
  • Multi-Language
  • Chromecast Integration

Elevate the employee experience

Create a dynamic company culture that speaks to your employees whether they are remote or at the office. Onboard your team on a product that will allow them direct access to first-hand information on all things happening within the corporation.

Unleash your full communication potential

Take your internal communications to a different level utilizing the variety of options our product offers. Livestreams, chats, and rooms are just a few ways you can keep the communication afloat.

Promote engagement and collaboration

Stay engaged with your company, generate content that matters and give your employees a top-notch experience utilizing a user-friendly product. We have all the tools to help you create a perfect ecosystem that will keep all employees connected at a global level.

Create multiple live streams for a broader experience

  • Simultaneous streaming.
  • Schedule live events.
  • Quick and easy live streaming with full technical support.
  • High quality. Any bandwidth.
  • Multiple screens.

Customize the channel to the brand

Personalize the channel with assets, colors, etc. that maintain consistency with your brand. Create custom menu links that point externally and internally throughout the app.

Expand your network with our social video product

The company and employees can interact via content, live chat and more.
Search content or interact with each other using our new product, Rooms. Create online debates using our live streams and chats.

get connected

get connected