Enterprise Video Hub

Your branded and dedicated enterprise video hub

Organize your content in multiple channels and create live streams on the go with a dedicated back-end to manage all your video content.

Your entire content library in one easy-to-use product

Create one main channel and add extra channels for different topics and teams to upload content. Organize your videos by categories and make it easy for your team to share and find relevant content.

All-in-one video enterprise solution

  • Backed by the latest in Headless CMS technology.
  • Create, upload, catalog, manage and distribute your video content in one place.
  • Find out what your team is really watching and how they interact with your content with our comprehensive profile stats and analytics report.

An enterprise video solution covering all stages of content creation, management, and distribution

  • Never convert a file again: automatic transcoding from various formats
  • Create live streams in 3 easy steps and record from a desktop or mobile device
  • Add graphics and your company branding to your content and player
  • Adaptive stream quality to fit any bandwidth, screen, and device

You are in control of your content and your data

  • Share videos and playlists securely with passwords
  • Full control of who can embed your content on websites
  • Create private projects for your team and keep progress with comments
  • API integration and Paywall
  • Encrypted Cloud Data using the latest in headless CMS technology

Your data is safe with us

FanHero gives you full control of your privacy settings and we don't share or sell your data to 3rd parties.

manage all your video content with fanhero