White Label OTT Video Web App

A beautifully delivered, all-in-one, live streaming and OTT video solution. Powered by your brand.

Give your audience the
ultimate video experience

HD Quality

Stream quality that adapts to any bandwidth, screen, or device.


Multitasking with a floating video screen on top of the primary screen.

Live Chat

Interact with your audience during your live stream.

Timeline markers

Users can go back to where they stopped watching at anytime.

Encrypted Cloud Data

Use the latest in CMS headless technology.

Host and Distribute your videos using Hosted Video Pages, Channels, and Marketplace

You have complete control over how your video content is delivered; set strategic goals and achieve them!

Monetize each of your channels independently!

The most comprehensive collection of tools available today to easily monetize your content
Subscriptions & Memberships
Live Event Tickets

Upload, organize, and go live with the world's first Headless Video CMS

Organize your content by subject, title, author, or any way you like.

Store videos, polls, audio, text, and images.

Scheduling - choose a time to publish your content automatically.

Video recording and live streaming have never been easier

Upload, record, and live-stream content in a matter of seconds, all from one place
Make your broadcast unique and draw more viewers to your company by using your brand's logo, colors, and overlays.

You can upload images, GIFs and even videos and there is no need to be a professional designer to do that.

FanHero Studio's user-friendly product allows you to create the perfect design with just a few clicks.

Distribute your video content for free - or for a fee

Choose from Subscription (SVOD), Pay-Per-View (TVOD), or Advertising (AVOD), and global payments.

Grow engagement and build a community around your content

Creator Replies

Emphasize a reply from a fan or content creator.

Live Conversations

Chat with users based on topics of interest (Coming soon).


Block users and flag inappropriate comments and images.

Image Uploads

Reply to comments using photos, gifs, and emojis (Coming soon).

Provide an exclusive experience to your users

Infinite feed, my list, feed, continue watching, and other features for the web app only.

Own your data, know your audience

Access key data insights about your viewers.

Find out how your primary audience likes to interact with your brand.

Make informed decisions based on demographic and engagement data.

Give users a personalized experience by unlocking their behavior.

You can go beyond the basics with User Profiles and get to know your audience on a deeper level.

GDPR compliant.

Unlock audience behavior

Get to know how your viewers interact with your content and deliver a highly personalized experience

Your live events are professionally polished without the hassle of an encoder

Easily add lower thirds, full-screen graphics, and logos, straight from your browser.

Broadcast your brand

Start with online broadcasting today

Power your brand with FanHero