Pay-Per-View and TVOD

Sell videos as Pay-Per-View and create extra revenue from your content

Let viewers buy access to live events and recorded content for a fee

Scale seamlessly and rev up growth

Select content or schedule a live event.
Set up the currency and price for
the individual content or video collection
Spread the word on social media and
other places by sharing the content URL.

Benefits of TVOD

  • Offer individual content for sale or rental fee
  • Sell it worldwide or target locations
  • Increase monetization for your SVOD channel by charging for extra content outside the subscription model
  • Desktop, mobile and digital box buying options
  • Stream HD in every screen size
  • Access detailed insights from sales to customer behavior
  • Share embed links with buying options


Freedom to offer single events video collections outside the subscription for a fee

Perfect entry-level monetization for first-time creators trying to monetize their content

Provides options for videos to be rented or purchased, expanding your audience outside of the current monetization model

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