Video Channel

Your branded video channel, featuring on-demand and live streaming

Showcase content with a branded channel powered by your brand.

Monetize videos instantly

The most comprehensive collection of tools available today to easily monetize your content, whether you’re a large corporation with hundreds of employees, a media firm with a large portfolio of content, or just getting started with your own broadcast.

Upload recordings or livestream your video

Distribute through Pages, Channels, or your own product


Unleash your content.

Create one main channel and add as many extra channels as you like.
Organize your videos by categories and make it easy for users to share and find relevant content.

It has never been easier to set up and broadcast your live streams

Automatic live stream archiving.

Create private links and give passwords for content access.

Embed content on websites and social media.

Engage your audience
like never before

Viewers can interact, using reactions to express how they feel, in live chats with each other and with you, in real-time.

Reach your users wherever they are

Cross-Product, ubiquitous, unapologetic.
You have complete control over your content privacy and distribution settings with FanHero.

Video Hosting

Get complete control over your content privacy and distribution settings. Set individual content or playlists to public, private, exclusive, pay-per-view, or user-specific by creating a password.

Access unprecedented audience insights

Give your viewers a personalized experience and learn about them with our interactive dashboards.

Measure content engagement with real data from your users' behavior.

Live to video on demand

We record your live event and archive it.

Set up your live stream in 3 steps

It has never been so easy to go live on the internet!

Monetize your content

Set your event for pay-per-view, and add pre-roll advertising that bypasses ad blockers. Share your content on websites and social media product.

Real-time audience analytics

Know how many viewers you have at one time, the device they use, and where they are located.

Keep your audience in the loop with push notifications

Keep your viewers engaged by letting them know when you publish new content or you´re hosting a live stream.

Unlock your content revenue

Live stream to VOD
FanHero records your live stream so you can host it on your channel and share it later.
Cloud DVR
Let your audience take control. Pause, play, rewind and fast forward your content.
Social Media Live Clipping
Create and publish clips of your content on social media product.
Embed your content anywhere
Share your videos and live streams on other websites and social media.
Charge access to your content or sell sponsorship time with pre-roll ads.
Developer friendly API
Customize your app to fit your company's needs.
Headless CMS
Content operations in one place. Cloud hosting that can be accessed anywhere.


Watch on Any Device

Password-Protected Broadcasts

Seamless Integration Options

Automatic Archiving

Embed on Your Websites

Simulated-Live Broadcast

Chromecast Integration

Viewer Analytics

Server-Side Transcoding

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