Give your audience an unforgettable social video experience

social video experience

One product.
Multiple channels.
Endless possibilities.

Help your audience find the content they want quickly and intuitively. Create a suite of channels with curated content using categories and playlists.

Create multiple live streams for a broader experience


Stream videos on the go anytime and anywhere.


Artists can set a live broadcast for a future date to give more time to prepare.


Live streams can be saved as posts and viewed on demand.

Customize the channel to the brand

Personalize the channel with logos, colors, and more that maintain consistency with your brand. Create custom menu links that point externally and internally throughout the app.

Monetize your audience.

Generate real revenue with unique branding opportunities for your partners. Customize your monetization strategy with options like subscriptions, memberships, pay-per-view, rentals, one-time purchases and donations

Build a community of people who share the same interests

A built-in online community for artists and their fans to rave about what’s new, trending, and popular in the product.
  • Artists can engage their audience to react, upvote or downvote, participate in polls, and comment on published content.
  • Users can interact with each other and engage in live chats with the artist.

start your entertainment product

start your entertainment product