Live Streaming for Sports Leagues & Teams

Empower sports fans worldwide

Stream live to your fans

We enable sports leagues & teams and rights owners to create and connect with their fans on a global scale.

Reaching out to your fans anywhere and anytime has become the new bar for the sports industry. FanHero’s all-in-one social OTT video product provides live and on-demand streaming services that give sports fans around the world affordable access to sports.
live baseball game streaming

Scalable live streaming

Quickly and easily stream live sports events to anyone, anywhere, with the simplicity of one click. HIGHLY SCALABLE, UP TO 1M USERS.
  • Broadcast-grade live streaming solution
  • Powerful, reliable and scalable to millions of users
  • From zero to live in seconds
  • Real-time user interaction with live chat and reactions

Enhanced fan engagement

Engage your fans in and out of the stadium and increase fan loyalty with advanced technology and exciting content in multiple languages. From pre-event insights to spectacular live coverage, FanHero can transform the way fans connect and build relationships with their favorite leagues, teams and sports icons.
Foster a community
More than just video, FanHero is a social video product that allows you to harness the power of engagement to build a community of customers, users, and fans around your content.


Drive engagement and monetization using freemium or advertising and subscription models to leverage real-time user behavior with our analytics and transform both casual and super fans into loyal customers, delivering a new revenue stream.
  • Subscription
  • Sponsorship
  • Advertisement
  • Pay-per-view
  • One-time purchases


We did the heavy lifting so you don't have to!
Track and interpret user behavior at a per-user level for measurable metrics like views, returning visitors, geographics, sessions and much more.

Own your data. Know your audience.

Understand your users.

Own your data

Unleash new insights

User profile


Know your audience

GDPR compliant

Growth driven & results oriented

One-Time Purchase


Create and run multiple channels just like a large TV network. Engage your audience using our comprehensive set of marketing tools. Create a communication strategy: from email marketing, to push notifications and robust analytics, it’s within the same product.
Targeted Marketing / Email Marketing / SMS / Push Notifications
100+ Integrations Available

empower your fans with fanhero

empower your fans with fanhero