Video Platform Overview

A white label, all-in-one, live streaming, video, and OTT solution

Create, upload, manage, distribute, and monetize your video content in one place.

It has never been this easy to set up and broadcast
your live streams

Customize your channel and content with your brand elements.

Create private links, and give passwords for content access.

Embed content on websites and social media.

Automatic live stream archiving.

Monetize Videos Instantly

The most comprehensive collection of tools available today to easily monetize your content, whether you’re a large corporation with hundreds of employees, a media firm with a large portfolio of content, or just getting started with your own broadcast.

Upload recordings or livestream your video

Distribute through Pages, Channels, or your own platform


Upload recordings or livestream your video
Distribute through Pages, Channels, or your own platform

Deliver the ultimate video experience throughout the globe

HD quality - Adaptive stream quality to fit any bandwidth, screen, and device.

PIP - Floating video screen on top of the main screen for multitasking.

Live Chat - Engage your audience during your live stream.

Timeline markers - User can go back to where it stopped watching at anytime.

Encrypted Cloud Data - Using the latest on CMS headless technology.

Unleash your content

Organize your videos by categories and make it easy for your team to share and find relevant content.

Reach your users wherever they are

Cross-platform, ubiquitous, unapologetic.
Stream your content seamlessly to all screen sizes and devices including digital boxes.

Scale your platform to millions of people

Being scalable is the core of our product. Our clients start with a few viewers and grow to stream to millions of people all over the world. We support your growth.

Get full control of your videos with the world's first Headless Video CMS

In one place, you simply create, upload, catalog, manage, and distribute your video content.

Permission-based Video Hosting

Get complete control over your content privacy and distribution settings. Set individual content or playlists to public, private, exclusive, pay-per-view, or user-specific by creating a password.

Own your data, know your audience

Access key data insights about your viewers. Take control of your data and better understand your demographic.

Find out how your audience likes to engage with your brand.

Make informed decisions based on demographic and engagement data.

Unleash user behavior and deliver a personalized experience.

With User Profiles, you go beyond the basics and get to know your audience for real.

Broadcast your brand

Send reminders and alerts directly to your audience in a few clicks.

Video conferencing

All of your live videos and web conferencing events will look to be native to your organization with FanHero Private Label Web Conferencing.

Your Video Marketplace

Reach a new audience.
Allow third parties to sign up, upload, distribute and monetize their content on your platform.

+100 integrations available.

Create your own Broadcast today

Create your own video platform

create your own video platform