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Revolutionize Your Video Strategy with FanHero's All-in-One Video Technology Cloud™

Step Inside the FanHero Video Technology Cloud™

A robust infrastructure to transform content operations, streaming and monetization.

Content Platform

A Complete White-Label Content Platform

A complete solution for end-to-end content management operations, distribution and monetization. Simplify complex workflows, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency.

Stay ahead in the competitive digital content landscape. Integrate e-commerce, AI Content Intelligence, live streaming, and launch your own Video NFT Marketplace. Our white-label solution provides full flexibility and scalability.

Headless CMS Technology

Simplify Content Management

From uploading to organizing, scheduling and distribution, streamline your content workflow in one place. 

Enhance your audience’s experience by ensuring that the right content reaches them at the right time, all through a seamless, user-friendly interface.

FAnhero AI

Elevate Your Content with Sidekick: Your AI-Powered Ally

Meet Sidekick, your AI-driven assistant. 

Sidekick dives into data to bring you crucial insights for improving content strategy and creation. It decodes audience trends, boosts performance, and enhances monetization tactics.

With Sidekick, you get a direct path to smarter, data-driven decisions, helping you grow your audience and stay a step ahead in today’s fast-paced digital world.


Go Live Instantly

Host internal events, conduct Q&A sessions, or share updates without the need for complex software or specialized expertise. Engage your team in real-time and create dynamic, interactive streaming experiences with just 3 click.
Whether hosting live events, product launches, or engaging with your audience, FanHero breaks down barriers. It’s more than just broadcasting; it’s your ticket to creating memorable, interactive experiences that resonate.


Unlock Revenue Opportunities

Monetize your content effectively with our robust payment processing suite. Sell
premium access, leverage in-video e-commerce, and host paid live events.

Set your monthly or yearly fee and get paid automatically

  • Make your channel viewer-friendly by structuring them by type, subject and more!
  • Create playlists featuring new and popular content.
  • Engage your audience with every new piece of content by featuring them on your channels and sending in-app notifications – create a legion of loyal subscribers.

Scale seamlessly and rev up growth

  • Offer individual content for sale or rental fee.
  • Sell it worldwide or target locations.
  • Increase monetization for your SVOD channel by charging for extra content outside the subscription model.
  • Desktop, mobile and digital box buying options.
  • Stream HD in every screen size.
  • Access detailed insights from sales to customer behavior.
  • Share embed links with buying options.

Broadcast to millions of viewers and get paid by advertisers.

  • Your audience watches your content for free, creating a low barrier to entry.
  • Reach a wider audience.
  • Provides a scalable revenue solution for small to large and growing audiences.

Monetize your videos instantly

  • Simple pricing that scales from 1 subscriber to 1M+.
  • Receive payments in every market, language, and currency.
  • Free migration with no downtime.
  • App development, submission and management.
  • Branded apps within-app purchase.
  • In-depth, real-time insights.
  • Live streaming withauto-archive.
  • 24/7 support foryou and subscribers.


Build Your Own Content Marketplace

Build a vibrant marketplace for external brands and creators, enabling content sharing, monetization, and promotion. Curate a space that mirrors your brand’s values and fosters a thriving creative community. With FanHero, enhance your reach, amplify influence, support creators, and drive engagement, all while delivering unforgettable experiences under your brand’s trusted name.

VIDEO NFT Marketplace

Tap into the Digital Collectibles Market

Create and host a cutting-edge Video NFT Marketplace, positioning your brand at the forefront of digital innovation.
Unleash new revenue streams and connect with tech-savvy audiences, all under the umbrella of your brand’s identity. Transform digital ownership and commerce by embracing NFTs.

Fanhero API

Power Your Content Platforms

For enterprises seeking seamless integration and customization capabilities, our API allows businesses to tailor their FanHero platform to specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit with existing systems and workflows. 

From enhancing content delivery to streamlining user engagement, FanHero API opens a world of possibilities for enterprises to innovate and elevate their digital strategy. Embrace the power of FanHero’s API to transform your enterprise’s digital experience and stay ahead in the fast-paced digital era.

Reliable and Fast Streaming Worldwide

Bridge the world through video with seamless connections across continents.

Competitive pricing for your cloud-based media workflows

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Frequently Asked Questions

FanHero's Video Technology Cloud™ is designed with flexibility in mind and can be integrated seamlessly into existing enterprise systems. Utilizing API connections and offering a variety of plugins, it works with various CMS, CRM, and e-commerce platforms, ensuring a smooth transition and immediate compatibility.
FanHero offers extensive customization options tailored to fit unique enterprise requirements. From custom branding to feature selection, workflow adjustments, and user interface design, enterprises have the ability to create a video platform that aligns precisely with their brand identity and operational needs.
FanHero prioritizes security by implementing measures like encryption, secure authentication, and permission-based access controls. Payment processing complies with stringent industry standards, ensuring that all financial transactions are carried out securely. Regular security audits and compliance with relevant regulations further strengthen privacy and protection.
FanHero's infrastructure is built to scale effortlessly with your growth. Utilizing a network of global content delivery points, cache servers, and cutting-edge technology, FanHero ensures that video content is delivered smoothly to audiences worldwide, regardless of size or location, maintaining high-quality experiences as viewership expands.