White Label OTT Video Mobile App

A beautifully delivered, all-in-one, live streaming, and OTT mobile video solution. Powered by your brand.

Give your audience the ultimate video experience

HD quality

Stream quality that adapts to any bandwidth, screen, or device.


Multitasking with a floating video screen on top of the primary screen.

Live chat

Interact with your audience during your live stream.

Timeline markers

User can go back to where they stopped watching at anytime.

Encrypted cloud data

Use the latest in CMS headless technology.

Mobile live stream to the masses

You've never seen a mobile live stream product like this before.

Create and broadcast live streams from your mobile.

Schedule a date for your live stream in advance.

Multi-Channel streaming straight from your phone. Broadcast your live event to websites and social media.

Playback - Add past live streamings to your channel and make it available as video-on-demand.

Organize your videos by categories and create playlists that make sense

Make connections so your users can find even more content related to their searches.

Allow subscribers to share preview links to the general public. Distribute password-protected content to a selected audience.

Customize built-in features and boost brand value

Make your app stand out from the crowd by including your brand and style.


Use your brand colors, logos, and fonts.


We currently support English, Spanish and Portuguese - more languages.


Create custom links for internal and external content.

Allow users to interact with your content

Choose actions your viewers can take with each individual video: Watch Later, Like, Share and Embed.

Grow engagement and build a community around your content

Analysis & Reporting

Learn how your audience consumes your content and always be a step ahead!

Create videos that resonate with your audience's tastes and likes.

Measure and plan the distribution of your content. Our reports are detailed and packed with information on your users.

Measure user engagement with content performance insights

Unique sessions by time periods

Most accessed pages and screens by time periods

Total video consumption by second, minutes, and hours

Sessions and Users by location and language

Filter by type - Screen, Collection, or Post

Distribute your content for free - or for a fee

Choose from a variety of monetization options for your channels. Monetizing has never been easier! Check out our options.
Subscriptions & Memberships
Live Event Tickets
One-time purchases
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A premium, mobile OTT experience

Offer your audience a premium OTT mobile experience.
HD quality - All the glory of HD with adaptative bandwidth, set by the user.

Casting - Deliver to a multitude of mobile devices, web, digital media players, and video-on-demand services with the latest technology in API-first Headless CMS.

Picture in Picture (PIP) - Multitask with a floating video player on any device.

Playback Markers - Users can go back to resume watching where they left off.

Optimization - Deliver videos optimized for the end-user screen resolution, device, and bandwidth.

start a premium mobile OTT experience

start a premium mobile ott experience