Broadcast your brand

Segment through filters.

Send push notifications, e-mails, and SMS to specific groups of users. Segment users by demographical and behavioral data.

Powerful analytics

  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Sessions Analytics
  • Content Analytics
  • Users Analytics

The ultimate video experience. Beautifully
delivered. Powered by your brand.


Offer the best performing, high-definition video solution to your users.

Distribute your videos using Hosted Video Pages, Channels, or Marketplace.

You are in charge of how your video content is distributed. Pick from our selection of hosted video pages, a dedicated channel, or your own marketplace.

Upload, organize and go live using the world's first video content management system.

Content Management

Organize and manage content for easier access.

All type of content

Video, polls, audio, text, and images

push notifications

notification user when new content is available or target a specific audience


Allow content creators to manage content on the go.

full media workflow

Upload, transcode,optimize and store different types of media

Upload, record, or live stream content in a matter of seconds.

• Make your broadcast unique and draw more viewers to your company by using your brand’s logo, colors, and overlays.

• You can upload images, GIFs and even videos and there is no need to be a professional designer to do that.

• FanHero Studio’s user-friendly platform allows you to create the perfect design with just a few

Distribute your video content for free or for a fee with Subscription (SVOD), Pay-Per-View (TVOD), or Advertising (AVOD) and global payments.

Reach your users wherever they are

Cross-platform, ubiquitous, unapologetic.

Witness user growth through the power of engagement and build a community around your content.

Creator Replies

Emphasize a reply from a fan or content creator.

Live Conversations

Chat with users based on topics of interest. (Coming soon)


Block users and flag inappropriate comments and images.

Image Uploads

Reply to comments using photos, gifs, and emojis. (Coming soon)

Provide an exclusive experience to your users.

Infinity feed, my list, feed, continue watching, and other features for web app only.

Give your live events professional polish without the hassle of an encoder.

Easily add lower thirds, full-screen graphics, and logos, straight from your browser.