The Benefits of Having Your Branded OTT Platform

Why are so many people developing their branded OTT platforms?

For a lot of creators, the answer is customization and control. An OTT platform gives them full access to their audience and their data, without the risks of leaning on third party OTT.

Risks of Public OTT Platforms

An OTT or “over the top” platform is a service that provides content over the internet rather than through broadcast or cable connections. Some of these are essentially cable alternatives.

Others, like YouTube, cater to original content creators.

Many creators use a combination of YouTube and social media to distribute their own custom content It’s a risky strategy. Using a public OTT platform puts creators under the control of a third party.

They find themselves navigating content and style restrictions, off-brand advertisements that interrupt their videos, and potential security vulnerabilities (remember the 2018 Facebook hack?).

To complicate matters, creators can’t control their own data on these platforms.

They have to accept whatever insight tools are available, and all data produced by their work is owned first and foremost by the third party OTT.

The Benefits of a Branded OTT Platform

A dedicated OTT platform puts control back in the hands of creators.

Platform owners enjoy a host of advantages, including:

Top to bottom brand consistency

With no censorship or outside advertising guidelines to follow, creators have the freedom to stay true to their brand.

They can highlight their content in a wholly consistent style instead of sharing space with platform branding.

Authority over advertising

Platform owners can choose brand-appropriate advertising partners that appeal to their audience without presenting conflicting messages.

Alternatively, they could decide on an alternate revenue-generating strategy (such as a subscription model).

Effective monetization

A personal OTT platform opens up a catalogue of monetization options, including subscription tiers, premium content, and tailored advertising.

With fewer partners to split that revenue, more money goes into the platform owner’s pockets. Better yet, content isn’t at risk of being demonetized or deleted by overzealous bots.

Security assurance

Social media and video sharing sites are common targets for cyber-attacks.

With a personal OTT platform, creators have oversight of their own security. They have less risk of exposing their audience to a potential data breach.

Connection and engagement

A dedicated OTT platform is a direct channel to a creator’s audience.

Brand consistency, harmonious advertising, and control over design all result in a better user experience. That inspires platform members to engage more often, allowing owners to build deeper connections to their audience.

Actionable Insights

The value of full data transparency can’t be overstated.

Platform owners have complete access to all their data instead of trying to make sense of whatever analytics third party platforms offer. This helps them optimize their content strategy.

What type of content performs well, when to post, how their audience responds to monetization styles – these are critical pieces of information that are hard to see without the data gathered by a custom OTT platform.

Who Can Benefit from an OTT Platform?

OTT platforms appeal to anyone who wants to take control of their own content and data, including:

  • Content creators
  • Right-holders
  • Corporations
  • Schools and Universities
  • Sports Teams
  • Personal Trainers
  • Charitable organizations

If you’re ready to grow past the limitations of public tools, it’s time to look into developing your own OTT platform.

Drop us an email with your questions or set up a demo to explore how an OTT platform fits in with your brand strategy.


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