Moving Up From YouTube to FanHero

You’ve done it. You’ve made the decision to take control of your content by shifting focus from YouTube to FanHero. Now… how do you actually make the move without losing your audience? Here’s our 6 step plan to a painless transition.

1. Review and adjust your business plan

A video on demand (VOD) platform operates differently than YouTube. You basically control everything. The content you offer, the partners you work with, the level of interaction you get with your fans- all of these are up to you. 

The flip side of getting more control is that you have to actually make those decisions. You don’t want anything to slip your mind, so go over your business plan top to bottom. See if there’s anything you need to tighten up, or if there’s maybe an opportunity for more revenue somewhere. 

While you’re doing that, update your content strategy as well. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What content will be free? What will be premium?
  • What kinds of new features will you offer?
  • Where do you plan to be making most of your money?

The answers will help FanHero fine-tune your app features, too.

Plan how all your branded social media accounts will connect with your FanHero platform. TikTok and Instagram are great funnels for new users, as is (surprise!) YouTube. 

Which brings us to….

2. Don’t delete your YouTube channel!

You might have outgrown the platform, but you worked hard to build an audience. Don’t throw them away! 

YouTube can still grow your audience by attracting new fans through shares and recommendations. Plus, it lets you hang onto fans who aren’t ready to make the leap to your platform yet. Both of those groups may convert to app users later as they see the premium content you offer there.

Look at your content strategy again. Decide what types of videos will be posted on YouTube and which will be FanHero exclusives. Don’t drain your entire YouTube to make content; that could disrupt your marketing funnel. 

Instead, shift the more exciting new features to FanHero. Make that the “cool kids club”, and consider posting your YouTube content there as well to let users find all your videos in one place.

3. Work with FanHero to create your app

Now that you know what you need, it’s time to get started! Here’s a few tips for working with the FanHero team:

  • Be clear with your requirements. This is your platform. Be sure to explain what you need from it, what would be nice but can be added later, and what you absolutely don’t want.
  • Listen to suggestions and feedback. FanHero is invested in your success, so be open to the team’s feedback. They may have ideas that can help elevate your vision.
  • Speak up early if you have a problem. Everything is both cheaper and easier to fix in early stages. If something is going very wrong, raise your concerns right away.

4. Build hype as your app progresses

Take your audience on the journey with you from the start. Use them to shape development, even. Giving fans updates and running polls on features, content, and style will make them feel invested.

Building hype like this has a secondary benefit: it generates data to guide your ongoing content strategy. You can read comments or poll results, or just compare statistics on videos for different features to see what resonates with fans.

You’ll be creating content to populate your channel through this time. Tease it on your YouTube every so often to excite your fans. 

There’s actually another side benefit: VOD development updates are basically free content for your channel. You can promote the more profitable FanHero app while still maintaining your current audience.

5. Hold a killer Launch Party

Remember to save something big for Launch Day to give fans a reason to make the leap. 

  • A special live stream countdown on your YouTube channel will remind fans it’s happening. One idea is to make the switch yourself an hour after your app goes live. The time constraint adds a little urgency (no one wants to miss the first stream) that can push hesitant fans to download. 
  • Special guests are a classic. Maybe invite several throughout your launch stream. Trading other creators for guest appearances on their FanHero platforms or YouTube channels is a great way to get interesting guests free.
  • Prizes and giveaways will always be fan favorites. Any swag you give away should have your app branding on it when possible. Throw a few stickers or a hat in the package if the swag can’t be branded.
  • Fan-requested content – that is, anything people have been asking for over time- is sure to drive up downloads. Make sure everyone knows they can finally see it in your FanHero app.

Have your platform content in place and ready to go before Launch Day. Make sure there’s plenty for your new VOD members to explore, and that it’s obvious when more will drop. If people have to hunt for information, they’re less likely to stay active.

It may be a challenge to balance with your live stream, but stay in contact with FanHero throughout Launch Day. They can respond quickly to technical issues before they affect your audience.

6. Settle into your new content production and management cycle

Once you’ve had a successful launch, keep the momentum going. Stick closely to your release schedules for new content. Otherwise subscribers might feel like it’s a dead space, or that it doesn’t live up to your hype.

Do spontaneous in-app live streams every week or so to keep users engaged. The more often fans see that push notification and open their apps, the better. You want checking your app to become a habit. 

Remember to keep posting to your YouTube. Not just promos for your app, either. Give your audience value to keep them there; just tease what else is available in the app. 

A final piece of advice: bring up your FanHero platform organically. Casual references will keep the promos in your own authentic voice instead of the dreaded “reading from a teleprompter” voice. The personal touch reminds fans what they like about you, and that can nudge them towards a download.


You’re not in this alone, If you want more advice on how to move your audience to a profitable FanHero VOD platform- or just have questions about what we offer- drop us an email!



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