Know Your Fans and Increase Audience Engagement Using FanHero

Celebrities can attract all kinds of fans. But, the real question is: “Who are these fans?” Knowing who your fans are, what they like, when they’re most likely to engage with a celebrity’s content, where they live, and why they became fans in the first place is crucial for any celebrity or PR manager looking to attract more fans and keep older fans engaged with the celebrity’s brand.

But, how can a celebrity and their PR team get to know their fan base so the celebrity can become a hero to their fans? Social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube don’t share all of the data they collect with celebrities—which makes it hard to get to know the fan base.

One way is to make sure that celebrities and their PR teams/agents own the data about their fans by using FanHero’s mobile app to manage their interactions with fans.

Why use FanHero?

FanHero provides celebrities and their PR management team with a white label mobile application. One of the major benefits of using this app is that any fan data collected by the app is owned by the celebrity—meaning that their PR team has full access to every last bit of info about the fans the app collects.

This means that celebrities and their PR teams can collect data on:

  • Fan Demographics. Track how old fans are, where they live, and other pieces of demographic data to learn which groups the celebrity’s content most strongly resonates with.
  • Fan Interactions with Different Content Types. How long, on average, do fans watch a video? How often do they share particular types of content with their friends? Monitoring fan interactions with different pieces of content is key for understanding what drives the most engagement.
  • Dates/Times of Fan Interactions. Knowing when the majority of fans are actively looking at a celebrity’s posts is crucial for timing the release of content for maximum engagement.

All of this data can be crucial for increasing a celebrity’s audience engagement.

Using FanHero to drive audience engagement 

Since FanHero lets celebrities and their managers collect and keep any fan data collected by the app, they’re in a much better position to drive engagement.

For example, if celebs and their PR teams release new content right when most fans are logged in, engagement is likely to be higher with that particular piece of content. Or, if a celebrity has a lot of fans in a particular state, they could schedule a live event there to get a larger fan gathering together and earn some extra devotion from their biggest fan bases.

Celebs and their PR teams can take fan engagement even further using the specialized capabilities of the FanHero mobile app. Some of the app features that can help drive audience engagement include:

  • Native Support for Live Streaming. Live Streaming video is the future of fan engagement, with rapidly growing audience engagement compared to recorded video on platforms such as Facebook. Fans watch live streams longer and connect with celebs on a deeper level than they do with recorded video.
  • Fan Moderation Tools. Control the conversation between fans and celebrities with a bevy of moderation tools that allow celebs and their PR teams to set the tone of the conversation.
  • Content Scheduling. Keeping content flowing at the right times can be difficult for any publicity team if they’re trying to manually take a celeb’s content live while on the road. FanHero’s content scheduling feature allows celebrities and their agents to create content ahead of time and set it to automatically published when needed—such as when most of the celeb’s fan are going to be on the app.
  • Push Notifications. Let fans know exactly when new content is up in the app or when a live stream starts by enabling push notifications on their phone! With push notifications enabled, a celeb’s biggest fans won’t have to miss important announcements.

Combine all of these features with the ability to create incredibly targeted content using fan data, and driving audience engagement via the FanHero app is simplicity itself. Best of all, unlike most social media platforms, all of a celebrity’s posts will have reach with 100% of the users on the app—most social media platforms limit the reach of each post unless the celeb pays to “boost” the content.

FanHero helps celebrity heroes and their publicity team improve fan engagement, drive new monetization strategies, and make themselves more heroic to their fans in a variety of ways. Get started with a white label mobile app for celebrities today!


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