Monetizing Content in 2023: Instagram Subscriptions

Recurring revenue is one of the biggest advantages of monetizing content with subscriptions. But is it worth creating exclusive content for and becoming dependent on the whims of a social media platform? Will Instagram subscriptions ever be a thing content businesses will opt for? Let’s talk about it.

Instagram started offering subscription services in the US in 2022 to give online content business creators an additional revenue stream and to provide users with access to premium content. With content subscriptions, Instagram users pay a set monthly fee to access exclusive content with the hopes that it will encourage creators to produce high-quality, exclusive content to keep their users engaged. Will it work?

While content subscription can be a win-win for creators and users, I can’t find many reasons a business would focus on creating exclusive content for a social media platform. Let’s recap Instagram:

Instagram is a photo-sharing platform
Instagram was built to be a social media app that allows users to take photos, apply filters, and share them on their profile or with their followers. While it allows users to share short videos, as well as text-based posts, the focus of the platform is on visual content.

Dependence on social media
Monetizing your content through Instagram subscriptions means that you rely on the platform to reach your audience and generate revenue. According to Instagram’s terms of service, the platform has the right to “terminate or suspend your access to the Service at any time, without notice, for any reason, including, but not limited to, breach of this Agreement.” This means that Instagram can delete your account anytime and for any reason it deems appropriate.

Monetizing video content in 2023 and beyond
Content business is mooning, and 2023 will be a defining year. Devices are getting faster and smaller, and people are demanding more resolution and variety in paid video content than ever. Even the king of all video streaming, Netflix, lost nearly 1 million customers in the second quarter of 2022 because there was “nothing to watch.”

Creating your own video platform is a wise investment if you consider getting your content into as many screens as possible in 2023. FanHero is a video monetization-focused platform where you showcase and share your video content. Instagram, on the other hand, is primarily a photo-sharing platform.

FanHero for Businesses and Enterprises
FanHero offers a complete solution for businesses and enterprises looking into creating their own platform similar to Netflix. In other words, a dedicated video hosting and streaming platform on web and mobile devices, where you have full control of your content, interface appearance, and monetization, with advanced tools and features for hosting and streaming video content with robust analytics and reporting capabilities.

We offer the latest in live and on-demand streaming cloud video technology, and video storage, with options to scale and other monetization models like AVOD and pay-per-view.

FanHero offers a range of professional-grade tools and features to manage and distribute your video content. For example, you can use FanHero to upload and host large video files, customize your player’s look and feel, and track your videos’ performance with collaboration tools, including the ability to leave comments and feedback on videos.

FanHero offers secure hosting options, including password protection and domain-level privacy, to ensure that your videos are only accessible to authorized viewers. This can be important for businesses and enterprises that need to protect sensitive information.

You can try FanHero with a free trial for new businesses and enterprises before choosing one of our plans. Want to learn more about us? Head to our website and schedule a call with one of our specialists.


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