YouTube Content Creators Grow with This Unexpected Tool

Subscriptions and views are the lifeblood of any successful YouTube channel. For a content creator to grow their brand, they need to continuously attract more fans and get existing fans to watch their videos. There are a lot of different strategies for growing your YouTube channel, from the obvious “Make Great Content,” to the more nuanced tactic of specifically targeting content based on fan demographics and interests. A less well-known tool for growing your YouTube channel would be a dedicated personal growth team paired with a white-label app, such as what FanHero supplies to every YouTuber they partner with.

Gathering data on your fans 

One of the issues that YouTube content creators run into is that they just cannot get enough information about their fans. To personalize content to their fans’ interests and optimize when videos are posted (so the majority of fans are online to get the notification and watch), content creators need a lot of specific data about their fans. However, YouTube doesn’t really give content creators much in the way of specific data. A review of your analytics might tell you that your latest video had 100k views in the USA, but not where they came from within the USA. Like and Dislike interactions might tell you what a small percentage of your viewers thought of a video overall, but not what caused them to become engaged or disengaged. To get that info, you’d need to know at what point they stopped watching or which videos were the most frequently replayed. Using a white-label mobile app allows you to collect much more specific data about your fans and how they interact with your videos than what YouTube provides in their analytics tab. This, in turn, allows you to create optimized content that’s more engaging and more likely to attract new fans. When backed by a personal growth team that can interpret the raw data and use it to create suggestions and growth strategies, targeting content to improve your channel’s growth becomes simplicity itself.

Generating insights into fan communities around the globe 

For YouTube content creators looking to grow into whole new regions, localization is kind of a major issue. Content that resonates with a North American audience might not resonate so well in South Africa or Europe. FanHero’s dedicated growth team members are spread across the globe and specialize in creating strategies for different regions. These team members are immersed in the culture of their region, so they can help you make sure that your content resonates with the target audience. This is important, as a lot can be lost in a literal translation of video content that may cause the messaging to not have the desired effect.

Creating a convenient tool for your fan community 

Another way that having a white-labeled mobile app backed by a dedicated growth team can help you grow your YouTube channel is that it gives your fans a convenient and easy place to interact and share their interests. This community on the mobile app can itself become a way to attract new fans, as users show the app to their friends and encourage them to download it. The biggest way this can help you grow your YouTube channel is by reducing the rate of fan attrition that your channel would normally suffer by keeping existing fans engaged with the brand. Over time, fans will lose interest or start to engage with other brands, especially if they aren’t interacting much with your videos on YouTube. This fan attrition can offset the growth you experience when you bring on new fans. Increasing fan engagement by using a branded app helps keep fans from leaving. The growth team can help manage this process and your online community, walking you through the app’s operations until you can take everything on yourself. A committed growth team can even help YouTube content creators establish branding, logos, and colors for their app. The team even helps create strategies for driving traffic between YouTube and the content creator’s custom app.

Creating strategies for growth 

The most important benefit that a dedicated growth team can provide is the ability to come up with specific strategies for growth based on your channel’s unique characteristics. The analysts on the team can review your fan demographics, existing video content, social media presence, and more to identify your best opportunities for growth. For example, if you have a presence on other social media networks, such as Twitter or Facebook, the growth team helps you use these networks to cross-promote your YouTube channel. This team can even help identify easy monetization opportunities on your channel so you can increase your cash flow with minimum effort. For example, say that you have a website with an online store, and one of your videos featured a catchphrase or image that you have a t-shirt for. A basic recommendation that the growth team might make would be to add a link to that t-shirt’s page in your online shop. Or, the team might help you conceptualize and implement premium fan subscription plans on your mobile app—including what benefits/features such subscriptions should provide to entice fans and keep them engaged. Whatever your goals are for growing your YouTube channel and personal brand, FanHero’s personal growth team makes meeting those goals faster and easier. Learn more about FanHero’s exclusive personal growth teams today!

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