Using Video Content to Power Employee Wellness Programs

Having employees work from home can be both convenient and productive.

It does, however, make employee wellness programs hard to run.

These programs are a major draw for employees; sometimes they’re even a deciding factor when attracting new hires. Employers don’t need to sacrifice this perk just because teams are telecommuting.

They can run an effective employee wellness program online using video. In fact, this might even be a great time to start one.

Here’s how to make a video-based program work.

Lay out goals for your employee wellness program

Every company has different fitness and wellness needs. A shipping company might want to promote core and back strength to prevent back injuries.

A tech firm could be more interested in encouraging desk-bound workers to get up and moving. Before setting out an employee wellness program, set out clear priorities to guide content creation.

Be sure to solicit input from the team about what their fitness goals are, too.

Create a content strategy

The term “employee wellness program” covers a lot of territory, from tips in a weekly newsletter to gym memberships and company-wide fitness challenges.

The type of video content available for a virtual wellness program is equally varied, including:

  • Nutrition pointers and recipes
  • Health advisories
  • Mental and emotional wellness tips
  • Fitness advice
  • Workout videos

A good wellness program has a variety of content.

If a video is released every Tuesday, set a schedule where the first Tuesday of the month focuses on mental preparedness techniques, the second highlights fitness tips, and so on.

Produce video wellness content

Some fitness content might be worth outsourcing, but informational videos are simple to create.

Much of it can be done with a high-quality smartphone and some inexpensive accessories (a tripod and a lapel microphone, for example).

A few tips for high-quality video:

  • Be sure the background isn’t too distracting- a bookcase or office wall with a few art pieces works well.
  • Speak clearly at a natural pace. Become familiar with the script ahead of time to avoid having to look down at notes, or have lines displayed behind the camera on a tablet or card.
  • Shoot a few takes and edit together the best.
  • Stay away from straight PowerPoint presentations. Create dynamic graphics and use music to keep viewers engaged.

If the company has a dedicated content platform, wellness videos and posts can be securely uploaded there instead of working through public tools like YouTube or Vimeo.

If not, remember to use the platform’s settings to keep company content within the company.

Be consistent and responsive

Once the program is running, employees expect to see content posted on schedule.

Have at least a full month of content ready before launching a virtual employee wellness program. That puts a buffer in place if something happens to delay new content. (Don’t forget to catch up once the setback has been cleared!)

Keep an eye out for employee feedback, especially in the earlier stages of the program.

Companies with their own content platform will have access to a wealth of performance indicators, including how much of a video employees watch and how often they come back to a post.

Others can send surveys out through company emails. However, feedback is gained, use it to shape the wellness program.

Highlight content employees watch heavily and phase out anything that isn’t being used. With mindful curation and a little creativity, a virtual employee wellness program can be as valuable as a physical program.

Get started today to help employees stay on the road to wellness.


The best way to enrich company culture while keeping business talk in-house is through a custom content platform. We can show you how to unite your employee wellness program and other team-building content on a single proprietary platform. Schedule your free consultation today!


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